Bleeding Control and Wound Management for Veterinary Care

SureKlot is a range of bleeding control and wound recovery products for all animals like dogs, cats, horses, cows, and more.

SureKlot products contain chitosan, a biomaterial that has haemostatic and wound healing properties. SureKlot products are efficient, non toxic and biocompatible.

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  • Gauze for controlling minor bleeding

  • Spray for cleansing and rinsing

  • Powder for minor bleeding and
    wound recovery

  • Patch for moderate to severe bleeding

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How Does SureKlot Patch Work?

When SureKlot Patch comes in contact with the bleeding site, it provides instant hemostasis by tamponade effect, rapidly absorbing blood plasma and concentrating clotting factors at the wound

  • Highly Effective Solutions

    Our products are formulated for rapid and highly effective wound care. We prioritize the well-being and comfort of your animals, ensuring their swift recovery.

  • Rapid Action

    In emergencies, every moment counts. Our specially crafted solutions guarantee rapid action, staunching bleeding swiftly, and promoting the healing process.

  • Non-Toxic Formulas

    We prioritise the safety of your pets. Our products are made from non-toxic ingredients, providing advanced wound care without compromising on their health.